Timeless has an entire team of award-winning professionals to serve your wedding and event needs, making your day as special and stress-free as you imagined it could be!



You're hands-on and proactive with planning! You also have a great team of friends and family willing to help you set everything. You just have no idea where to get started on the design aspect of it all...

This is perfect for you! We will help you design your wedding ceremony and reception that you have always dreamed of. We will help design and coordinate all of your rentals, from tables, chairs, dishware, linens, to all the little details on each table! We will help your dream wedding come to life!


Let our design and rental experts do what they do best, and help you perfect every detail of your decor! 

This service includes all of our premier design consultation service PLUS our expert designers onsite to make everything just as you’ve dreamed.​

We will help you develop your style board, including your color palettes, floral design, linens, tablescapes and all of the tiny little details! 

We will be there to help coordinate all of the rentals, that includes setting everything up and tearing everything down at the end of the night so you and your loved ones can enjoy every moment together.


If you're looking to have your wedding in the beautiful black hills (or surrounding prairies!) and have nature as your backdrop then a tent is a perfect choice! We have the largest selection of tents in our area (some that can fit up to 400 guests!), so let us set up your venue and let the beauty of the hills surround you and your guests!

Let us also take care of the rest! Wedding planning can be stressful and time consuming. So if you don't know where to start, but know that you want a tent then this service is a no-brainer. 

We will scout for and coordinate your tent location, help you book the area's best wedding vendors, have monthly progress consults, manage rentals, then also design and decorate the whole event! 


If you are planning a wedding in Rapid City or the Black Hills, take my heartfelt recommendation and explore all Timeless has to offer for your decor, planning, and coordinating needs. Wonderful people, pure integrity and class! Our wedding day felt like a dream thanks to their dedicated and detailed efforts. 

Marcy C.