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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in fully understanding our business policies and how to rent from Timeless Wedding & Event Rental. This page answers the most common questions we receive from our customers, but is not all-inclusive. If you don't see your question or would prefer to chat with us over the phone, in person, or by email, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help.

What are the basics that I need to know when renting with Timeless Wedding & Event Rentals?

We'll start by asking you some basic questions about your event including the event date, estimated number of guests attending, the venue, your inspiration, etc., and we may also record the details on a card or in our computer system for quick reference. When we have an idea of what you want we'll confirm that everything is available for your dates and then create and send you a rental inquiry for you to review. When you're ready to commit to renting with us, we'll ask for a 50% deposit and then turn your rental inquiry into a rental reservation. Voilà- your rental is booked!

When we confirm your rental reservation, you will have until 30 days prior to the event date to make adjustments to the reserved items or quantities. One week (7 days) before your event you will be contacted to confirm the pick-up and/or delivery details and pay the final balance. All deliveries must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to your event and all in-store pick-ups must be paid in full prior to or at the time of pickup.

After your event, we'll either come pick your rented items up (per prior arrangements, of course) or you can drop them off. We'll check your items in, return any deposits, and take care of everything including the cleaning. Isn't renting fantastic and simple?!

Should I make a reservation for rental item in advance?

Yes, yes, yes, you should certainly plan ahead when renting! We recommend reserving items as soon as you know you'll need them. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing the items you need are held for you. There's always time - until 30 days prior to your event - to make minor adjustments to items and/or quantities. We'll happily take reservations up to 1 year prior to your event, or you can rent items the day of your event if availability allows.

What is your Rental Reservation Policy?

After consulting with one of our helpful rental people, we'll make things official by collecting a 50% deposit. You'll then have until 30 days prior to your event to make any changes to the rented items or quantities. For our tent rentals, you'll also be asked to put a 50% deposit down and any changes to tent size or accessories must be made at 60-90 days prior - the sooner the better.

Can I make changes to my reservation?

We understand when planning events it can be tough to foresee exactly how many guests will be attending too far in advance, so we allow you make minor adjustments to rental item quantities up until 30 days prior to your event date. Any increase in quantities or additional items are dependent upon availability. Also, cancellation or adjustment of 50% or more of the original reserved quantity may incur a fee or forfeiture of some or all of a deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

To insure that you get a full refund of your deposit, we require at least a 30 day notice for all rental cancellations, with the exception of tents. If cancellation is made after 30 days prior to your event, part or all of your refund will be forfeited. Refunds on tent reservations will only be made if cancellation is more than 180 days prior to your event. Please see our Tent Rental Policy for more detailed information on tent rentals.

Can I have my rental items delivered?

Absolutely! We deliver anywhere in Rapid City, the Black Hills, and the surrounding areas. Delivery charges will vary depending on distance travelled and the items we're delivering, so please ask our friendly rental staff about delivery and pick-up. Please note that deliveries after normal business hours or deliveries that require extra hauling (i.e. up or down stairs or hills, etc.) may incur additional fees.

Will you set up all my rental items?

Yes, if you would like your rental items set up, please ask your rental consultant to provide you a quote for that service. The exception is our tents, which should only be installed by our professional tent team. Tent set-up and take-down is included in the quoted price.

How long do I get to use the items I rented/ How long is the rental period?

For most of our wedding and event rental items we allow in-store pick-up and delivery up to 24 hours prior to your event. Then, items are due the next business day after your event. The main exception to this is tents. Please see our Tents & Canopies policy page.

Do I need to launder or clean my rented items before returning them?

Glasses, dishes, silverware, and serve ware MUST be rinsed and free of all food debris. Please see our Dinnerware Rental Policy for more details on renting dishes.

Rented linens, napkins, skirts, chair covers, sashes, drapes, etc., DO NOT need to be cleaned or laundered before they are returned. Please see our 'Linen Rental Policies for more information. Please remove them from the tables or chairs, shake them free of debris (confetti, food, rose petals, etc.), make sure they are dry, and pack them in the breathable laundry bags provided. We also recommend you double check the count of the items you're returning. You don't want to be surprised you're missing 10 linens on return because they were left in Aunt Betty's garage. Please note you are responsible for the replacement of linens that are beyond cleaning or repair because of spilled candle wax, burns, rips, tears, mold, mildew etc., due to improper storage of linens in non-breathable bags.